I Hired Staff with Bonjoro – And It Was Awesome!

If your camp isn’t using Bonjoro, you should be! Bonjoro is a website and app that makes it easy for you to send short videos. It’s great to use to welcome new or existing campers after they’ve registered.

This morning, my hiring process was formally approved and I found myself thinking, “I’m so excited to have these people on staff. How do I tell them that?” Then it came to me: Bonjoro!

Instead of typing out an email (formal) or calling each person (time-consuming), I printed a list of the people I wanted to hire, headed outside, and filmed a few short videos. Between uploading their email addresses to Bonjoro and taking the videos, the whole process took about 20 minutes.

I love this approach because it allowed me to be personal – they could see me and my excitement – but it didn’t take much time. It’s also something they can easily watch over and over again if they have any questions. We still have paperwork to take care of, but as I told them in their videos, they can expect that through email next week. Another big perk is that I can see when they open it and how many times they watch it, which gives me some additional insight into our staff.

This blog’s short and sweet, but I just had to share this with!

Good luck hiring!



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