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Camp Ambassadors


It has been a crazy (but incredible) summer of camp. Finally I’ve had time to breathe, calm down (a little), and make some plans.

During the spring, my husband was accepted into a doctoral program at the University of Florida, and in two short weeks we will be relocating to Gainesville. While it saddens me deeply to leave behind the camp I work at, I have high hopes for the future and I have a lot to blog about.

Leaving in two weeks with no successor in sight means I’m scrambling to prepare as much as I possibly can for the next few months. Today, I want to talk about the Camp Ambassadors program I’m leaving behind.

If you read a lot about camps (which you obviously do since you found your way here), you know that word of mouth marketing is the number one way to fill beds at camp. This year my camp will try to capitalize on that with a Camp Ambassador program.

Any family who has been to camp can sign up to join the program. We’re inviting all of our campers from last summer through an email and a mail out. Families will get 10 points and a t-shirt for registering.

The gist of the broken is that they’ll do different things to promote camp (ex. post on social media, refer friends, host a party, etc.), and in turn they’ll earn points that can be redeemed for awesome rewards (ex. money off registration, camp sweatshirts, etc.). It works out for us because we’re exposed to more people than we normally would be, and it works out for them because they get free stuff. Yay!

I wanted to make it super easy for people to sign up (the more the merrier!), so I just asked a few basic questions to get them going. You can see the questions (and a lot more) in the document at the end of the blog.

Here’s what I have so far in the way of earning and redeeming points:

Earning Points:

  • Join Camp Ambassadors: 10 points + Camp Ambassador t-shirt
  • Make a Facebook status promoting camp (our account must be tagged): 5 points
  • Post a camp picture to Instagram (our account must be tagged): 5 points
  • Host a camp party: 150 points
  • Distribute promotional material to a classroom, organization, church group, etc.: 50 points (materials must be requested)
  • Distribute promotional material to an entire school: 150 points
  • Refer a friend: 10 points
  • Refer five friends: 10 points per person plus 50 point bonus (100 total)
  • Refer ten friends: 10 points per person, plus 50 point bonus per 5 friends, plus 100 points (300 total)
  • Refer a friend to join Camp Ambassadors: 25 points
  • Share a Facebook post: 10 points (this can be tricky to monitor with privacy settings, so let us know if you do this!)

Redeeming Points:

  • $25 off registration: 25 points
  • $50 off registration: 50 points
  • $100 off registration: 100 points
  • Sweatshirt: 40 points
  • $20 camp store money: 30 points
  • Sweatpants: 40 points
  • Sunglasses: 10 points
  • Additional camp ambassador shirt: 25 points

A Camp Ambassadors program has a lot of potential, but I think these are good starting points for both areas. The objectives seem practical, and the prizes are worthwhile.

Most of the list is self-explanatory, but I do want to explain a little more about the camp party. For camp parties, we get a family to host (use their house, invite their friends, provide some fingerfood), and we come in and do a little presentation and answer questions. It’s a great opportunity for parents who are on the fence to meet our staff face to face and to have their questions answered. We normally gain about five campers per party, so it’s definitely worth it! Plus I always love getting out and really getting to know our parents.

There’s more information about Camp Ambassadors and camp parties in the document below.

Good luck!

Camp Ambassador Program



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