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Two In One – Best of the Best and Once Upon A Time

Hey, guys!

Originally I wasn’t going to post about our mini camp, but I fell so in love with the mini Mission Impossible planned for it, I decided I had to. So since it’s a mini camp (and since Best of the Best is kind of a cluster), I’ve combined two themes in one post!

Best of the Best

Best of the Best is new for us, and as I told the campers in our newsletter, I’m honestly not sure what’s going to happen. And I won’t be until the last few days of Session 5.

For Best of the Best, my leadership team and I are observing what activities go over really well with the theme weeks all summer, and then we’re going to cram everything we really liked into that one week, while still keeping the traditional camp stuff (Mud Slide, Death Hike, Magic Campfire, etc.) alive. I did knock out a few of the lower energy activities we do (Scavenger Hunt and Capture the Flag) to make more space for theme games, but I think we’ll still have a good mix.

And pretty much, that’s all I know right now! It seems really exciting today,  though I’m sure by mid-July I’ll completely disagree.

Here’s the newsletter: Best of the Best

Once Upon A Time

Our mini camp is less than 48 hours, so it’s difficult to squeeze everything in. I stayed mostly with traditional camp stuff, but I used Mission Impossible to bring the theme in. There are less stations in this one because our numbers are usually a lot lower, so we use less cabins.

This Mission Impossible features fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters. It begins with Mother Goose having her snacks stolen by the Big Bad Wolf and ends with Puss in Boots defeating the enemy. The kids will get some help from the Three Little Pigs along the way, and they’ll go visit some other characters as well!

Mini Camp 2016

Once Upon a Time Newsletter

I hope this helps give you some ideas! I’m getting into staff training soon!


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