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Party in the USA

More themes! After this one, I only have two more, and then I’ll move on to some other camp resources.

Our America themed week is our longest running, and kids seem to love it. Our counselors really buy into it as well – there’s no other week where they dress up as much or get as excited.

Since it’s an election year, we’re incorporating that into this week. A theme newsletter (which I’m attaching to the post) is going out to all the campers before camp begins explaining the election to them and telling them to come prepared if they want to run. We’re electing a camper president and vice president of camp.

On Monday we’ll explain our election procedure to the campers. We’ll tell them the schedule for the week and talk a little about the President/VP ticket. During free time that night, we’ll have time for all the candidates to ask questions and work on election plans.

On Tuesday night, we’ll host a debate. Each ticket will be given a certain amount of time (depending on the number we have running) to make a small speech, and then we’ll ask them some questions.

On Wednesday, we’ll vote.

But why would campers want to be president and vice president? At our camp, the winners will participate in our Mission Impossible, they’ll get to choose the order in which the cabins eat the rest of the week, they’ll help decide free time activities, they’ll get to go down our mud slide first, and possibly more!

Thursday is when our theme really takes off. After cabin clean up, campers will head to American themed activities – snacks and a show, confetti launcher makers, obstacle course, and group charades. All of these activities are explained in the packet included. I’m most excited for the show, which will be Schoolhouse Rock: America Edition.

We’ll then head to the pool for a Slip n Slide Party with watermelon. We added this last year, and it was a HUGE hit. We just used cheap painters tarp from Walmart, and it held up great.

Our first big group activity is Thursday Afternoon Live, a spoof on Saturday Night Live. Our cabins will do 2-4 minute skits similar to Saturday Night Live. We’ll have counselor and LIT/CIT skits too. One counselor will be the host, and other counselors will be the surprise musical guest at the end. We want all of the skits to be related to America.

Next we’ll do Camp Olympics. We’ll have an older division and a younger division, and we’ll have several events going on at one time. Our events are canoeing, riflery, archery, obstacle course, trivia, frisbee toss, race, swimming relay, and  hula hoop.

We usually don’t have free time during our theme days, but since it’s America, we wanted to get some freedom in there.

Our last big group event for the night is Mission Impossible. If you’ve seen my other posts, you know this is a station game that depends on the creativity and willingness of the campers. This one begins with Treasure Hunters coming in and discussing a secret map on the back of the Constitution. They’ll drop some copies of the map and run out. The campers have to follow the map to get the treasure (snacks) before the hunters. It ends with the characters from along the way pushing the treasure hunters in the lake. The stations in this one are all historical events. My history degree loves this.

We’ll finish the night with fireworks or a movie.

If you have questions or suggestions, let me know!

Party in the USA

Party in the USA Newsletter



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