summer camp nickelodeon


Alright, this is one of the weeks I’m MOST excited for. We’re mixing in some newer Nick hits with some older ones, and I think it’s going to be a big hit with the counselors and the kids.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during lunch, we’ll have counselors act out some skits from The Amanda Show (bring in the dancing lobsters), The Wild Thornberrys, and Hey, Arnold! These are basically teasers for the campers since theme day is Thursday.

Thursday morning after breakfast and cabin clean up, they’ll go to different game shows as activities. The shows are Legends of the Hidden Temple, Spongebob, Double Dare, Blues Clues, and Rugrats. We have two activities for Spongebob, and each show lasts 30 minutes.

At Legends of the Hidden Temple, the campers will play a modified version of the real game. They’ll pick some of the classic team names (go Purple Parrots), cross the moat, take a turn on the steps of knowledge, play temple games, and, finally, do the temple run. How to set up for this event and run each part is in the guide below.

There are two different Spongebob activities. The first is the Krusty Krab Kitchen Grab, which is a modified version of Battleship. The second is Bikini Bottom Builders, where cabins will work together to build replica Bikini Bottoms.

Double Dare will be played like the show! There are trivia questions and physical challenges. The losing teams get SLIMED.

Blue’s Clues is a scavenger hunt that ends with popsicles. All the clues are included.

Rugrats is a series of relay races and games related to babies. For example, there’s Name That Poo, where campers have to guess the mystery melted chocolate bar in the diaper, and Pregnant Twister, where campers have to put balloons under their shirts and play twister. If the balloon pops out, game over.

After the morning activities, we have a picnic lunch and rest period. During rest period, cabins should be preparing for the next activity – All That.

In All That, we’ll have a counselor act as a host, and each cabin has to present a skit and a cabin theme song. Counselor skits will be intermixed to keep it interesting.

Next, we’re onto Wild and Crazy Kids. I watched way too many W&CK videos researching this game, and I finally narrowed it down to a few events I think will work for our camp. The ones we’re using are in the packet, but there are more than 100 episodes available on YouTube if you need more ideas.

We’ll swim and have dinner, then the last event of the night is Mission Impossible. Mission Impossible is our favorite station game at camp and depends on the creativity and willingness of counselors. For this Mission Impossible, each station will be a different TV show. The prize the campers have to get back is Reptar Bars, which we plan to make ourselves the night before. Swiper swipes them, and the only way they can help Tommy Pickles get them back is to go to all of the shows. At the end, Dora and Tommy chase down Swiper, get the Reptar Bars, and push Swiper in the lake. We’re also serving orange soda from Goodburger.

I can’t wait to see how this one goes! Here’s the packet and a picture of our theme newsletter



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