summer camp girls versus boys

Girls v. Boys

What a couple of weeks it’s been! I got married (at summer camp, of course) and went scuba diving in Costa Rica. But now I’m back and ready for more themes.

Our Girls v. Boys week is a new one for our camp, and we’re excited to see how it goes. We put together a list of twelve themes earlier this year and let our families vote, and this was one of the winners!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we’ll have a few “visitors” at camp. Women from Venus and Men from Mars will entertain the campers and set up the fight for supremacy.

Thursday our theme day will begin! We have different activities for girls and boys in the morning that range from cookie decorating to fort making, but the real underlying purpose of all the activities is to get different campers interacting and bonding. Our staff will facilitate campers mixing around with different groups.

During our pride competition after lunch, each cabin will be responsible for our camp girl or boy song, a cheer (or song parody), and a skit. We’ll award points for this!

Our afternoon group activity is a station game. Campers will have different activities scattered around camp worth different amounts of points to collect for their team.

We’ll then move in to Kiddie Pool Kickball! This is one of the things I’m most excited about! We’ll have inflated kiddie pools (bases) connected by large tarps (lines). The ball will be a gigantic beach ball, and there will be plenty of water. We’ll have three different fields set up to accommodate all of our campers at once.

Capture the Flag is up after dinner, and this is already a camp favorite. We’re getting pink and blue flags and ribbons to help keep with theme.

The day culminates once again in Mission Impossible, our favorite station camp. Again, the success of this program depends on the creativity and willingness of your counselors. Since we used the woman from Venus and the man from Mars earlier, this Mission Impossible is space themed.

The details are all in GirlsvBoys, and I’m here to answer any questions!

A Nickelodeon-themed post is up later this week!


P.S. Here’s a little extra! This is a copy of our theme newsletter we include for the camper in our Parent Packet.

Girls v. Boys Newsletter


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