summer camp hunger games

Hunger Games

It’s been a while since my first post, but in that time I’ve been making AWESOME plans for our theme weeks this summer! Our first week will be  Hunger Games themed, and I’ve created a comprehensive guide to make it easy for any camp to follow.

Our theme day will begin on Thursday, with Katniss coming in, meeting the kids, and explaining the background of the Hunger Games. They’ll then be able to go to an area of their choosing for morning training: archery, riflery, arts and crafts, battle ball, or nature hike. At each area they’ll have the opportunity to score points, and these points will get them extra entrances in the Reaping.

During lunch, we’ll tally up the scores and put names in gold bowls for the Reaping. Two tributes from each cabin will be chosen. The tributes will then head to the Capitol for makeovers, while the rest of their district returns to their cabins to work on their grand entrance designs.

At 3:00, everyone will gather together for the announcement of the districts and the grand entrance. The tributes will go through live interviews with a quirky Capitol host, and then we’ll move on to the tribute competitions.

The tributes will compete in archery, riflery, camouflaging, plant identifying, and battle ball while their districts cheer them on. Each victory will get them an extra “life” for the Cornucopia.

The Cornucopia is one of the the most exciting parts of the day. In the books and movies, it’s where a lot of tributes die, BUT we’ve found a way to get around actually killing campers.

Each tribute will automatically be given a flag football belt with two flags on it. These are their “lives.” Some tributes will have extra lives from the earlier competitions. When a tribute loses all of their flags, they’re out of the Cornucopia.

Lives can be lost by having a flag pulled, being hit with a water balloon, or being hit with a water gun. Water balloons and water guns will be spread out across the large (and lined with field paint!) playing field. The districts will all cheer on their tributes, and a handful of counselors will stand in the Cornucopia as judges. The last tribute with flags left is the victor!

We’ll then have a Capitol party to celebrate our victor. While the party is going on, we’ll take half of our counselors and LITs/CITs to get ready for the final (and top secret!) event of the night: Mission Impossible. Mission Impossible is a station game that’s been a camper favorite for years and is very easily adaptable to any theme. Its success depends on the creativity and willingness of your counselors. It can be rather long to explain, but it’s laid out in our guide below!

So here’s our Hunger Games Theme Guide for you to use! Let us know if you have any questions!


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